Above & Beyond

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In an increasingly complex, demanding and competitive 21st century, students need to learn more than the 3R’s they are tested on in school. It’s time to help them go “above & beyond”, by embracing the 4Cs – communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

To get the word out to about the “3Rs + 4Cs” approach, P21 and FableVision partnered to produce a short, animated film called Above & Beyond. Enjoy & share, so we can help ALL our students flourish in the 21st century.

Many members of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills helped shape and refine this story – using their communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity skills. Special thanks to Ken Kay, Tim Magner and the Executive Board and Strategic Council of The Partnership for 21st Century Skills for all their time, talent and vision on this project.



“Above & Beyond” was written by NY Times #1 best-selling children’s book author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds (The Dot, Ish, The North Star.) Peter is a tireless champion of creativity and innovation in the classroom.


4Cs poster

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P21 is a national organization that advocates for 21st century readiness for every student. As the United States continues to compete in a global economy that demands innovation, P21 and its members provide tools and resources to help the U.S. education system keep up by fusing the 3Rs and 4Cs (critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation).

While leading districts and schools are already doing this, P21 advocates for local, state and federal policies that support this approach for every school.

To learn more about the Partnership and the Framework for 21st Century Learning and the 4Cs Learning & Innovation Skills, click here.

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