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Information Literacy

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Access and Evaluate Information

  • Access information efficiently (time) and effectively (sources)
  • Evaluate information critically and competently
Use and Manage Information
  • Use information accurately and creatively for the issue or problem at hand
  • Manage the flow of information from a wide variety of sources
  • Apply a fundamental understanding of the ethical/legal issues surrounding the access and use of information

    Additional resources:

    1.    ALA | Information Literacy

    AASL provides leadership for the development of dynamic, student-centered school library media programs. These programs help ensure that students master the information literacy skills needed to be discerning consumers and creative producers of information.

    2.    21st Century Literacies Curriculum

    The 21st Century Literacies Curriculum presents the process and essential skills for embedding information literacy strategies across all areas of the curriculum. The curriculum seeks to promote the skills, knowledge and attitudes to help students develop information literacy.