Frank Gallagher

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Executive Director
Cable in the Classroom

Frank_Gallagher_photo_smFrank Gallagher is Executive Director of Cable in the Classroom (CIC).  He is a specialist in the areas of media and information literacy, internet safety, media education, and the impact of media on children and speaks frequently on those topics. Mr. Gallagher manages CIC's staff, work, and strategic direction.  He was a consulting editor to CIC's publications, Cable in the Classroom Magazine and Threshold, and is also responsible for tracking the cable industry’s work with schools, and writing briefing materials for both the cable and education communities.

Mr. Gallagher has served on the board of directors of National PTA and is currently on the Interim Board of the National Forum on Information Literacy. In addition, he is on the Communications Commission of California PTA, the national advisory board for the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and on the Washington, DC, advisory board of Common Sense Media.

Prior to joining Cable in the Classroom in 1995, Mr. Gallagher was an educator and taught in a Maryland middle school. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona and received a master's degree in Instructional Systems Design from the University of Maryland.

 Mr. Gallagher is currently serving as the Chair of Partnership for 21st Century Skills.