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Environmental literacy

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  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the environment and the circumstances and conditions affecting it, particularly as relates to air, climate, land, food, energy, water and ecosystems
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of society’s impact on the natural world (e.g., population growth, population development, resource consumption rate, etc.)
  • Investigate and analyze environmental issues, and make accurate conclusions about effective solutions
  • Take individual and collective action towards addressing environmental challenges (e.g., participating in global actions, designing solutions that inspire action on environmental issues)

Additional Resources on Environmental literacy

The Environmental Literacy Council Framework
The Environmental Literacy Council is dedicated to helping teachers, students, policymakers, and the public find cross-disciplinary resources on the environment.

The National Environmental Literacy Foundation, Publications
The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) provides knowledge to trusted professionals who, with their credibility, amplify messages to national audiences to solve everyday environmental problems.